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Summer Camp


Three of the things we did today are, Meeting new friends and counselors, We also played outside with our new friends, Then we came inside to do group activities. When we first got here we all had on name tags so it was easier to communicate with one another. Later on in the day we went to the playground to play with our new friends that we have made. Before we went home we got together to work on our first day of camp blog.

In the future we hope to learn new things, like about Science, Math, and Social Studies. In Science we want to learn more about plants, animals, and what they need to survive in a day. In Math we want to learn about PEMDAS, and integers. In Social Studies we want to learn more about the world, and history, immigrants.

The counselors who we liked the most was Miss Kaylyn, and Mr cam. We interview them and asked them the following questions: How old are you?Miss K: “16” C:”18’’, What grade are you in?K: ”11”C:’about to be in 12” Why did you decide to become a counselor? K: ”I enjoy children’s company  and i think that spending time with children helps them grow up to be happy adults.”C:”i love kids.” What do you want to be when you grow up? K: “ Dermatologist” C:”work with computers” , who was or is your role model? K: “ Dr. Sandra and she lives in California, She is my role model because she has a lot of informational videos on dermatology and what she do in her office.” C:” my cousin devin”, From a scale of 1-10 how cool do you think you are? Mr. Cam said “ A solid 10.”, and Miss Kaylyn said “7.” What college do you want to go to? K: “ IU Bloomington” C:”IU”

Our Trip To The Colts Complex

Today we all went to the Colts Complex and played games with the rookie players. Some of the activities that we played Included catching, running, and tackling. When we first got to the complex we got Colts T-shirts with a number so we could get separated in groups. After that, we sat and cheered for the players to come out. We took several pictures with the players. They had a Gatorade and water station waiting for the children. While we were there it started raining and everybody was scared to go out the door, so the bus had to pull up to the complex garage doors. When we got back from the Colts Complex we went to the restroom, and we washed our hands, and we ate pizza.

Get to Know the Campers

Q&A session with DaMya

  1. What is your favorite thing to do in this camp?

     *My favorite thing to do in this camp is play games and design clothes.

  1. What is your favorite sport at this camp?
         *My favorite sport at this camp is Basketball.
  1. What is one of your classes you do best in here?


  1. What is your favorite color?

       *Sky Blue

  1. What is your middle name?



Q&A Session with Kalissa

  1. What is your favorite thing to do at this camp?
  • Play on the playground
  1. What is your favorite sport at this camp?
  • Basketball

         3.What is one of the classes that you do best at?

  • Reading

         4.What is your favorite color?

  • Sky Blue
  1. Who is your favorite staff member?
  • Coach Cory


Q&A session with Elyse

  1. What is your favorite color?


   2.What is your middle name?


3.What is your favorite thing at this camp?


4.Who is your favorite staff member?

   *Ms. Deidre

  1. What is your favorite TV show?

 *Raising Hope

The Art Museum and
The Children’s Museum!

From Kalissa’s Perspective

Art Museum

  • At the Art Museum we went on a walk on the trails outside. We saw some things like funky bones and the swings that they have.
  • The people that didn’t want to play on the funky bones got to walk on some trails. PS. Funky bones is a gigantic skeleton that you can walk on and you could jump on one bone and jump to the other. The little kids watched movies and the other kids looked at the other half of the Art Museum.

  Children’s Museum

  • At the children’s Museum we all split up into groups and we wandered around the museum. We went to every place in the museum it was really fun. We also got some food.
  • The Children’s Museum had dinosaur bones and we got to dig some of the dinosaur bones out of the ground. I think that the art Musuem better.

                                                 Sincerely Kalissa

Our day at the children’s museum

We went to the china exhibit and then we went the dinosaur bones and we got to dig for some bones. It was fun! Then we went to the Ruby Bridges section it was fun!

ruby bridges

The Ruby Bridges section shows you what she did – she was the first
African-American girl to go to an all-white school. The section also displayed some of her things like her books. Then some people went on the ferris wheel. I went 8 times!

By Dayona

Our Day At The Children’s Museum

Perspective from Damya and Elyse

   We first looked at the Dinosphere exhibit, which is an exhibit all about dinosaurs. Then we went to an exhibit called “Treasures of the Earth” which tells us about the terracotta warriors from China, deep sea divers and egyptian mummies from Egypt. We also went to a an exhibit all about trains called All Aboard. It had one of biggest trains that could fit into a museum and miniature trains.After we saw all of those trains, the big kids met at an exhibit called Fireworks of Glass which is an art piece made by Dale Chihuly. It has a glass platform which holds a ton of glass. You can sit on a slow spinning couch and look up and see all of that glass.

    Moving up to the next level we got to see the famous water clock. The only thing we got see on that floor was the water clock because there was nothing else their. So we skipped the next floor (which we eventually got to go to) and went to the Pirates and Princess exhibit which was a really fun place to go and was based off of Cinderella, Into the Woods, and Peter Pan. Two of us dressed up like crocodiles and the rest dressed up as either pirates, princesses, or knights. The crocodiles went into the “castle” and stole the princess and the royal queen. Then we got to go to the main exhibit Hot Wheels: Race to Win. It had a pit crew challenge to see how much time we could fix the fake car. It also had tons of racing mountains where we could race 6 different cars. To end the day we went to the Carousel Wishes and Dreams. It had a huge carousel and we had a lot of fun. That was what we did at the Children’s Museum.  


At The the Art Museum


We went to go see the paintings at the museum. But there was an important  thing that you could not do –  you can not touch the paintings on the wall no matter how pretty they are. I really liked the abstract paintings. There was a room in the dark where you walk straight in and touch the wall, but the wall wasn’t there. We also made some flowers, some cards, and other things that people can put on the wall. Then we went in a room that had things that you can play on like tablets that were attached to the wall so nobody could take them. We colored faces on them.

Interview with Ms.Allison

How do you feel about leadership?

It is one of the most important characteristics a person can have. I think a leader is someone who  motivates others,helps without being asked, and encourages people to be the best they can be.

How do you like working at the MLK enter?

I love it, it is my dream job.

Why did decide to work here?

They needed a leader.

What is your favorite thing to do here?

Morning yoga

What is your favorite color?


Do you like any of the activities here?

Playing legos, yoga, and the reading app on the tablet.

Did you play any sports when you were little?

I played volleyball in high school.

What did you learn about the kids at this camp?

I learned that some of them love to read.

Ms. Allison is a good leader. She is kind and I can tell that she loves kids, especially when is helping the little kids read which shows that she cares.  

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