25 Days of Learning and Loving

Behind the Scenes with MLK Center – 25 Days of Learning and Loving.

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  1. We have ONE old HVAC system from 1962. Help us replace it in 2021.  Learn more about our building improvement project at MLKCenterIndy.org/Building.
  2. TWO e-learning pods support students from School #43. One pod costs $2200 per month.
  3. We have THREE raised garden beds. $300 sows the garden in the Spring.
  4. We have FOUR new wheelchair accessible mini-vans in the Midtown-Get-Around Program from our partnership with IndyGo. Ride vouchers are $2 each or ten for $18.
  5. We provide breakfast, lunch and dinner FIVE days per week thanks to our food partners like Patachou Foundation and Second Helpings. Breakfast costs us $54 per week.
  6. We believe in and practice Dr. King’s SIX Principles of Nonviolence. $4000 per month supports our Community Building work.
  7. Apprentices learn SEVEN different job roles in our video production business, earning $3200.
  8. Summer camp lasts EIGHT weeks and costs $120 per week.
  9. NINE students receive one-on-one tutoring from our partners at The Indy Learning Team. Tutoring increases reading levels and costs $100 per student, per week.
  10. Replacement headphones for TEN students in the learning pod = $100.
  11. Each family success plan has ELEVEN goal categories for parents and costs $1100.
  12. In the summer months, we are open TWELVE hours daily from 7am to 7pm – our electric bill is $73 per day.
  13. THIRTEEN computers in the Tech Center need rechargeable batteries for mice and keyboards. $130.
  14. Our Board of Directors has FOURTEEN Contact our Executive Director today to learn more about joining one of our governance committees:  Allison@MLKCenterIndy.org.
  15. FIFTEEN teenagers work on each crew in the Tarkington Teen Work Crew. Trash Grabbers and supplies for the work crew cost $1500.
  16. In 2021 we will launch our SIXTEEN hour Nonviolence Training program in partnership with the Desmond Tutu Peace Lab at Butler University. Sponsor a training for $2000
  17. SEVENTEEN Dollars per month equals $200 per year. Every little bit counts.
  18. A 20,000 sq foot building like ours needs EIGHTEEN heating a cooling zones to be energy efficient. We have six. Learn more about our 2021 building improvement project at MLKCenterIndy.org/Building.
  19. Midtown-Get-Around vans can get NINETEEN miles per gallon when transporting families to work, school, the doctor or grocery store.  Donate gas cards of any amount.
  20. We have TWENTY team members. Technology for them to work safely at a distance costs $1000 per month.
  21. Teens in the Tarkington Teen Work Crew participate in TWENTY-ONE hours of professional development every summer. One teen earns $700.
  22. In the year Twenty TWENTY-TWO, we will turn 50 years old. Join our Legacy Fund by committing $1000 per year for 5 years.
  23. We bought our current building TWENTY-THREE years ago in 1997. Learn more about our much needed repairs and dreams of expansion at MLKCenterIndy.org/Building.
  24. With social distancing, we can serve TWENTY-FOUR students in our basement classrooms. Professional cleaning and sanitizing costs $2400 per month.
  25. Happy Holidays no matter your spiritual, religious, or cultural traditions. We love you.