About Us


The mission is rooted in the values we have established as a neighborhood leader of individual and family support for our residents: To create a meaningful impact on the lives of those we serve, through quality, multi-generational programs that build community, invest in youth, empower families, advocate for our neighbors, and provide a peaceful space to connect.


When the mission is accomplished, our vision is within reach. We envision a community where residents from all walks of life can find common ground and build stronger, more vibrant neighborhoods.


The MLK Center’s footprint area reflects tremendous demographic diversity, within the Indianapolis mid-north community.

The Martin Luther King Community Center (MLK Center) originated in 1971 as the Butler Tarkington Multi-Service Center. In 1981, MLK Center was established and assumed the Butler Tarkington programs with an expanded service area. The service area is broad and programming is open to all families.

Left to Right: Charles Montgomery, Sr Director, Damon Roach, Mayor City of of Indianapolis William H Hudnut, III, Gene McFadden, Director of Community Services City of Indianapolis, Charles WIlliams, special assistant to the Mayor, Judge William Keithly, Chairman of the Board

Dorothy Unger, Executive Director Indianapolis Settlements, and members of the Board of Directors: Zenobia Green, Sue Lewis, Atty. Brenda Bowels, Doris Hicks Standing: Hugh Barfield, Charles Montgomery, Director, Robert Riegel, James Payton, A.W. Hamilton, Judge William Keithly, Walter Smith, Joe Dietz, Jimmy Smith, Edward Vance, Joseph Carroll, Damon Roach, Al Ferguson, Tony Duncan