Our Team


Meet a few of our staff, and stay tuned for more photos!

Malaysia Fisher, Front Desk Reception
Valorie Woods, Front Desk Reception 
Christina Rodriguez, Intake Coordinator 
Steve Woods, MTGA Driver
Jerry Hood, MTGA Driver
Kevin Wilson, MTGA Driver 
Charity Malone, Community Builder
Terrence Sanford, Wellness Coach
Jasmine Black, Wellness Coach
Ashlee Johnson, Wellness Coach
Evelyn White, Wellness Coach
Lee Ivey, Mental Health Therapist 
LaTonya McCulley, Social Emotional Learning Coordinator 
Mariah Harrington, Youth Worker
Aaronda McGowen, Youth Worker
Auston Edmond, Youth Worker
Kamyra Lyles, Youth Worker 
Lacrisha Hollins, Elementary Youth Program Coordinator 
Henry Peterson, Middle School Coordinator
Leintz Belony, Middle School Coordinator 
Erin Marshall, Community Resources Program Director 
Jalen Sultzer, Program Assistant
R'Quiya Ruffin, Best Buy Teen Tech Center Assistant Coordinator 
Ira Mallory, Resident Videographer 
Douglas Morris, 40 W Digital Program Director 
Jillian Atkerson, Office Manager
Sarah Ferguson, Fund Development Coordinator 
Tom Thompson, Controller
Lynese Martin, Operations and Finance Director
Israel Shasanmi, Deputy Director
Allison Luthe, Executive Director 
Litshelle Branch, Security